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Learn how to eliminate your student debt forever

Retain our legal relationships to renegotiate your loan balance!

National average reduction is 65% off your balance, plus no interest.


You're paying too much interest

If you owe $300k, what do you pay after 30 years? Our research shows an overwhelming number of grads end up paying double the original loan amount, up to $750,000!


perception vs reality

Paying down student loans is like running uphill in sand.  Even if you're being "responsible" and paying your suggested monthly payments, banks still calculate your interest daily.  When you wake up in the morning you're already $30 behind (or more).  Curious how much you'll pay in the long run?  Take our True Debt Quiz.



How does it work?





Negotiation is a powerful financial tool that, until now, only those with deep pockets could afford. Not anymore.

When our lawyers are done, you'll have a negotiated settlement. This isn't debt, it's a contract your lenders agree to which wipes away your debt, for a  much lower amount.  Usually 30% of your debt total.

Check out our brief overview:



We negotiate rates on average of 30% of your original debt amount.

Additionally this negotiated settlement doesn't earn any interest, it's a flat amount. 

Ammortize that, banks.

Frequently asked questions

Is everyone eligible for this plan? Only graduates with Private Student Loans in excess of $70,000 should use our services. Any less private debt than that and you're better off using other methods to pay down your debt. In addition we're focusing only on borrowers in California and Texas for now. People in other states should stay tuned though, because we intend to expand our regions in the coming months.
What is a settlement? A settlement is a contract that your lawyer will negotiate that drastically reduces or eliminates your student debt. Our legal partners have created a powerful process that will cause your student loan creditor to do this. At the end of the program no more interest payments, no more balance, no more debt.
Can you settle my Federal Stafford or Perkins Loans? We can only negotiate to settle your Private student debt, not Federal Loans. However our legal partners have developed a comprehensive methodology to assist you in identifying eligibility and options for Federal forgiveness.
Will I owe interest on the new settlement amount? You won't owe any interest on your new settlement amount. That's one of our favorite parts of negotiating.
Why is this better than refinancing my loans? Refinancing extends your loan term and lowers your interest rate. Even though your payments may be lower, your true cost in the long run might be greater. If you do save money by refinancing you'll still be paying off your debt until your kids are applying for college.
Are you lawyers? We're not lawyers, we're a non-profit organization who connects you with the premier student loan law group in the nation. They do astonishing work for our friends like you, and most importantly they truly do care. If you're curious about who you'll be working with, give us a call and we'd be happy to give you the scoop. We will be in communication with you throughout the entire process to make sure you understand the negotiating process and are able to pay down your settlement when that time comes.
Will I have to go to court? Nope! (micdrop)
Will I need to declare bankruptcy? No our method is a way to avoid bankruptcy. We got tired of our friends not being able to afford living because of crushing student debt payments. Some of them even had to declare bankruptcy and lost their assets.
Can I keep my credit cards? Yes you can keep your credit cards, mortgage, and refrigerator. We'll only be negotiating with your private student loan lenders, and your other financial relationships wont be affected.
Will this hurt my credit score? Your credit score will not take a long term hit. However during the months we're negotiating it will be difficult to take out any loans or mortgages. Oftentimes lenders will see you're negotiating and will wait to see where the dust settles before offering you new debt.
Can I still buy a home after this process? We're glad you asked! Absolutely yes you can buy a home after your student debt is settled, it should be much easier once you ditch those ridiculously high interest payments.

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